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Name: Charlene Boone

Education:  Bachelor of Arts degree (major in English, minor in Geography)

                 Bachelor of Education Degree (intermediate/secondary)

                 Level 4 ECE

Charlene started taking Early Childhood Education courses through distance after she realized her passion for working with young children. She had already completed a Bachelor of Arts degree (major in English, minor in Geography) and an Education Degree (intermediate/secondary). Charlene holds her Level 4 ECE certification.

Infant Room - Lead Teacher Infant Room

Name: Crystal Yoga

Education: Bachelor of Applied Arts specializing in Child & Youth

                  Level 4 ECE

Crystal has a Bachelor of Applied Arts specializing in Child & Youth from Mount St. Vincent University in Nova Scotia.Crystal has been working with children in licensed and home settings for 5 years. Crystal enjoys spending time with family and laughing with friends.

Toddler Room – Lead Teacher Toddler Room

Name: Nicole Power

Education: Level 2 ECE

Nicole originally lived in Labrador City, but moved to St. John’s in 2014 to complete her Level 2 Early Childhood Education from Keyin College, which she completed in 2016.

Toddler Room - Teacher in Toddler Room

Name: Jeanine Tremblett

Education: Level 2 ECE

Jeanine has her Level 2 ECE certification for school-age.


Preschool room – Lead Teacher in Preschool Room

Name: Renee Dustan

Education: Level 4 ECE

Renee currently holds a level 4 Early Childhood Educator and has 18+ years in child care field. Renee is currently a MUN student who is working diligently to receive her Arts Degree. She enjoys camping, water aerobics, walking and movies.


Preschool room – Teacher in Preschool Room

Name: Rhonda Maddigan

Education: Entry Level ECE

Rhonda is currently completing her Level 1 ECE certification. 


Infant room -Teacher in Infant Room

Name: Esther Bezanson

Education: Bachelor of Education - Primary & Elementary Degree with a French Immersion

Esther has a Primary & Elementary Degree with a French Immersion focus area from MUN. She is presently working hard to receiving her Level 1 certification and has completed a course in infant care. Esther has worked in the childcare field now for 6 years. She enjoys writing, playing badminton, and photography.

After school care - Lead Teacher School-Age Room

Name: Brittany Duggan 

Education: Level 2 ECE

Brittany holds a Level 2 certification.

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