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We Believe that loving relationships nurtured in a stimulating and sensitive environment are essential for children to thrive socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We Believe families and educators must join together as partners. Respecting the importance of family ties and traditions strengthens the bond between home and child care centre as each child's world expands.

We believe that children learn through play when they feel safe and are challenged in a developmentally appropriate environment.

We Believe that as Children grow in self-confidence and self-regulation, they are better able to communicate feelings in a positive way and to learn to accept responsibility for their actions.

We Believe an environment infused with the arts and planned physical activity benefits children in every aspect of their development.


Our Centre will:

• Partner with families to create a loving well-rounded and supportive care experience for each child

• Celebrate and encourage Individual differences and development of each child which are nurtured in an environment where the importance of community is emphasized

• Provide opportunities for creativity, discovery and exploration through hands on involvement with materials, activities and equipment.

• Foster the development of a sympathetic interest in the world and the lives of others

• Encourage respect for the life others and curiosity about nature and its rhythms

• Explore and experience the concepts of beauty, goodness and the virtues through the arts

• Help Children realize they are an important part of creation, with a loving creator who sustains and interacts with all the He has created

• Nurture awareness that one's actions have a direct and indirect effect on oneself and the community

• Provide carefully planned nutritional meals, snacks, and physical activity

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